Ready to Organize your First ePoster meeting?

8 Tips You Should Know

If you’re in the process of organizing your first conference with ePosters, you may be wondering, “what types of services will I need?” The answer to this question depends on how many people you plan on hosting, the duration of the conference, and its platform(s), be they online or in-person. Even if it’s your first time organizing an ePoster conference, don’t let the new logistics intimidate you. The process is similar to hosting an “old-fashioned” conference–though once you’ve done it, you likely won’t want to go back.

Here is a checklist of the top eight things you should do to make sure your ePoster conference is successful:

Pick a platform. Will your event be hybrid, virtual or in person? Weigh the benefits of each option by checking out our previous blog post on the topic.

Choose a venue. The number of attendees you’re planning on hosting should inform the size and location of your event. If your meeting will take place in person, you may need to rent a space, contact event planners, or find an A/V (audiovisual) vendor.

Invite abstract submissions. Be sure to leverage your organization or institution’s network, as well as professional channels and social media, to gather a wide pool of submissions.

Contact a team of reviewers who will assess abstracts. Then, gather a list of speakers, organizing staff, and attendees. Once you have a list of accepted abstracts, notify authors with plenty of time to design their ePoster, and give them a deadline that is far in advance of the meeting itself.

Design a calendar and schedule for the event. How many poster sessions will you have, and over how many days? In addition to ePoster presentations, will you have oral presentations, guest speakers, networking activities, advertisements, a happy hour?

Identify fundraising opportunities. Find sponsors by reaching out to local companies and organizations related to the conference’s subject matter. Then decide whether you will charge authors to submit their abstracts, upload posters, or attend the meeting. And be sure to have branding materials designed in advance, such as logos, banners, and flyers.

Next, send us a list of abstract titles and the authors’ contact information. From there, we collect ePoster files, including audio and video supplements, and host them on a website that is tailored to your event. On the day or days of the conference, we will make sure everything is running smoothly, whether you want posters presented on a timed schedule, to be brought up on-demand, or a combination of both.

Check pandemic requirements and take appropriate safety measures. Ensure your meeting will be fully accessible for attendees with disabilities. If your meeting will be in person, research local health and safety requirements.

Whether you go completely virtual or not, over the past two years at ePostersLive we have honed virtual oral presentations, group video chat, live Q&As, exhibitions and materials,and live streams. We train staff members, give information, and offer as much support as we can, so you won’t notice a difference in your workload.

As our customer Gabby shared, “Thank you for the care you show our team; for your flexibility and graciousness with many changes; your impeccable organization in managing all the moving pieces we keep asking for; and for always being so positive and willing to accept feedback. Your make-it-work attitude isn’t lost on us, and something we truly value.”

At ePostersLive we’re passionate about setting you up for success, and wish you the best of luck with organizing your event. If you want to ask any questions, or to let us know how it went, contact us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @ePostersLive, or email us at [email protected].