A full-fledged app for your reviewers to score ePosters before or during your event.

NEWePostersReview™ is a software module of ePostersLive®, which enables a selected team of reviewers to review and score the submitted ePosters before or during a scientific event.

Designed by physicians, scientists, researchers for physicians, scientists, researchers.

Meticulously designed for user-friendliness, ePostersReview™ instantly shows your reviewers how many ePosters have they been assigned, and lets them start reviewing in no time.

Unique Features and Benefits

ePostersReview™ comes with a rich set of features:

  • designed with user-friendliness in mind,
  • is browser-based software — and works on any modern browser,
  • no need for your reviewers to install or download any software,
  • supports any rating scale (1-100, 1-10, 1-6, nominal),
  • supports any reviewer assignment scenario (e.g.: by topic, by session, by poster number, randomly),
  • supports commenting to ePosters,
  • supports rejection of ePosters,

Once a reviewer gets started, ePostersReview™ provides at a single glance a status update of the progress made, every time the reviewer signs back in.

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