The Process of using ePostersLive

Easy to get started. Even easier to get going.

Introducing an electronic format to your poster program can seem intimidating at first. There are lots of moving parts; communication with authors and technical assistance in case of questions, collection of poster files, programming the presentation schedule, collection of feedback and statistics on most viewed posters and more.

With ePostersLive® the process gets as easy and painless as it could possibly get.

The main phases of the process are outlined below.

Getting started

ePostersLive® uses the information you have already collected during the abstract submission and review period, so that your submitting authors will not have to enter it again. Here are the only things you will need to get started—everything else, on the technical side, is on us.

1. A list of the abstracts accepted as ePosters

A spreadsheet including abstract titles, authors, institutions and an email of correspondence, which is typically provided by your abstract management system, would suffice. This is used to pre-populate ePostersLive® with the expected ePoster slots.

2. Start and End dates for ePoster submission

You get to decide when you’d like to get started and finished with collecting ePosters from your authors. And if you are unsure about how to set those, we are happy to share best practices with you based on our vast experience.

3. Optional: a banner and custom wording for communication

You get to decide whether you want to include your official congress banner and/or a greeting from the Scientific Committee (with or without photos and signatures) to the authors that will receive instructions.

email communication

Instructions to authors

A dedicated ePoster Submission system is put in place through which all poster authors can submit their ePosters.

Each poster corresponding author is emailed via ePostersLive®, personalized instructions for creating and submitting their ePoster. Cases where these emails may have failed to reach their recipient are identified in real-time and sorted out.

Our Help Desk and support team becomes available for questions or issues an author may face during the creation and submission period.

Progress reports on submissions are available to meeting management staff. Reminders to authors that have not submitted an ePoster yet are sent out via ePostersLive® at regular intervals.

Poster Creation

ePostersLive® has been designed with flexibility in mind; authors may use any design software to create their posters, including Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, Corel Draw, Adobe InDesign etc.

Poster Submission

No pain, minimal effort for poster authors. With the click of a button, within seconds. No errors, no size limitations, no spam or lost e-mails. Instant notification of reception and, optionally, the date and time of presentation, as well as any other notifications or announcements the organizing committee wishes to send out.

More about ePoster Submission »

NEW Poster Review

A brand new feature in ePostersLive®, ePostersReview is a full-fledged peer-review app, which enables a selected team of reviewers to review and score the submitted ePosters before or during a scientific event.

More about ePostersReview »

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Poster Presentation

Replacement of poster boards with full-sized ePosters

Once there were printed posters. Now there’s ePostersDisplay. ePostersDisplay supports on-demand or time-scheduled, automated presentation of single- or multi-page ePosters on large, High-Definition LED displays.

Features & benefits of ePostersDisplay »

On-site ePoster Archive

Create one or more "poster corners" in the conference area, where your attendees can search and review any poster, any time during the conference using a desktop or laptop computer or mobile device. Powered by the ePostersLocal module.

Features & benefits of ePostersLocal

Online ePoster Archive

Publish all or selected posters on the Internet in less than 24 hours after the end of the poster submission deadline, in a website dedicated to your event. All information, including the full text of the poster, is searchable in a variety of ways, such as by poster title, author, affiliation etc. Powered by the ePostersOnline® module.

Features & benefits of ePostersOnline®

poster presentation

After the event

With all the poster session information being electronically managed, your poster program and footprint doesn’t have to end at the end of your event.

Optionally, a dedicated online archive with the ePosters of your event remains available, as a point of reference and return for those that did as well as those that did not get the chance to attend. View hundreds of real-life examples of such online ePoster archives.

The scientific information presented in the poster sessions is preserved, for members only or, optionally, for anyone in the scientific community to access.

An ongoing insight into the engagement

The interest around the information presented in a poster program should and does not fade at the end of the event.

Detailed usage statistics for the online archive are provided, including visits by country/location, type of device, and much more.

And an ongoing insight into what's popular

The built-in ePosterCharts feature enables you to track real-time detailed statistics of;

  • the most popular ePosters,
  • the most popular ePoster authors,
  • the most popular institutions,
  • and the most popular topics and sessions.

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There's something for everyone involved in an poster program to enjoy in ePostersLive®. Take a look at the Benefits »