The most robust and user-friendly solution for the electronic submission of ePosters.

A few of its unique features and benefits include:

Technical support to all submitting authors

ePosterSubmission comes bundled with Live and email-based support by experienced staff, to all poster corresponding authors. Once a poster is submitted the author gets instant confirmation of its successful receipt within the submission page, as well as via email.

No file size limitations

Scientific posters are visual tools of communicating the fruits of scientific research.

With ePosterSubmission there are no file-size limitations so the authors of your Meeting can include high resolution imagery and high quality charts, without - ever - having to worry about compressing their file before submitting.

Support for unlimited concurrent submissions

Quite often a large number of ePoster authors will submit their work right before the submission deadline expires. It's then, in particular, when you need a system that will keep running without issues.

ePosterSubmission has been designed to scale, so it can accommodate virtually unlimited simultaneous submissions.

Unlimited corrections to submitted files

Did one of your ePoster authors have a typo in their submitted file? No big deal.

With ePosterSubmission it is extremely easy for the author to change a previously submitted ePoster with an updated one, anytime until the deadline for submissions expires.

No geographical limitations

With ePosterSubmission there are no geographical limitations as to where your authors may be submitting their ePosters from; whether it's their campus office, or a hotel overseas, all they need is an internet connection and a browser.

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Before the Poster Submission Video

Submitting a Poster Video

Financial options available

ePostersLive™ has been designed to help turn the e-posters in your meeting from a liability into an asset. ePosterSubmission™ can be used along with the e-commerce option, so that your Conference can charge authors with a fee per submission. Get in touch with us at [email protected] for more information about the available options.