Until today, the scientific information published in a poster session is lost after the conference, since it does not become available in electronic form. In the past, attendees in the poster area would often take photos of the printed posters, as a desperate way to preserve access to the findings presented.

With ePosters, attendees in the poster area will often ask whether they can have a copy of an ePoster they're interested in, e.g.: on a thumb drive or as a printout.

Can I have a copy of this poster?

Meet ePostersOnline®

ePostersOnline® asks authors for their permission, then collects and publishes on the internet the submitted posters, categorizing them in topics and sessions according to the official programme.

Search, sort, filter

In ePostersOnline® all information including the full text of the ePoster is searchable, and users can search, sort, filter and view ePosters and associated information easily, in a variety of ways:

  • poster title,
  • author,
  • affiliation,
  • topic,
  • session,
  • free text.

This information may be available during the conference and afterwards, for as long as the scientific committee or society wishes. See an ePostersOnline® example in action.

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See what's popular in your poster program

ePostersOnline® includes ePosterCharts, a sophisticated system, which identifies the most viewed ePosters, authors, topics and institutions of your poster program.

Imagine knowing the hottest content of your online ePoster archive—in real time.

ePosterCharts identifies in real-time which are the:

  • most viewed ePosters,
  • most viewed authors,
  • most viewed topics,
  • most viewed sessions,
  • most viewed institutions,

of your ePoster program. More about ePosterCharts

epostersonline charts

With ePosterCharts you can see in real-time the most viewed content of your poster program.

Even more features. Even more engagement.

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Browse ePosters by Topic

Enables users to browse only ePosters of a thematic category, with a single click.

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Browse ePosters by Session

Enables users to browse only ePosters of a certain session, with a single click.

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Browse ePosters by Poster ID

Enables users to browse ePosters in sequential order, with a single click.

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Share on social media

Enables users to share an ePoster page on social media, with a single click.

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Rate ePosters

Enables users to rate ePosters anonymously, then calculates the average rating for every ePoster.

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Times read

Tracks and shows how many times every ePoster has been accessed.

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Contact author

Provides users the option to reach out to an ePoster author via email.

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A great commenting system

Enables users to comment underneath an ePoster and authors to respond, generating scientific discussion.

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Permalinks for ePosters, authors & more

Every ePoster, author, institution, topic and session get their permanent link. And become a point-of-return.

Financial options

ePostersLive® has been designed to help turn the ePosters in your meeting from a liability into an asset.

By featuring sponsor’s banners and Corporate Identity elements at carefully selected points, ePostersOnline® provides very flexible and targeted brand and product promotion opportunities.

An ideal system for PCOs since it can be incorporated into the Sponsorship package and refund the cost of its use. Get in touch with us at [email protected] for more information about the available options.