With ePosterCharts, you now know how engaging your poster program is—and much, much more.

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Meet ePosterCharts

ePosterCharts™, the brand new feature of ePostersLive®, can now provide you with unprecedented insight into your ePoster program. ePosterCharts™ incorporates a sophisticated reporting mechanism, which enables you to track real-time detailed statistics of:

  • the most popular ePosters,
  • the most popular ePoster authors,
  • the most popular institutions,
  • and the most popular topics and sessions

of your poster program. And this is all thanks to the smart design of ePostersLive®, which differentiates the system pages for ePosters, authors, institutions, topics and sessions.

Covers both the on-site and the online portion of your program

Most conferences choose to have their ePosters published online – with the consent of their authors – during and after the event. The benefits of having those ePosters published online are multiple.

The insight offered by ePosterCharts™ is available for both your on-site program and afterwards, through the online ePoster archive dedicated to your conference.

Available on your laptop or your mobile device

Statistics collected and presented via ePosterCharts™ are compatible with any kind device. Therefore, the scientific committee and anyone else that needs to, can access those via laptop, smartphone or tablet, anytime during and after the conference.

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ePosterCharts™ comes bundled with ePostersLive® at no additional cost.

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