The Pros and Cons of Live versus Pre-Recorded Poster Presentations

Your scientific conference is coming up, and as the event organizer, it’s time to start deciding on event details and logistics. You want your conference to run smoothly and decide to host your conference online. At face value, the virtual format simplifies the operation. But lots of other decisions need to be made, such as: will poster presentations be streamed live, or recorded prior to the event?

On-Site, Virtual, or both?

Moving Toward a Hybrid Scientific Conference Model

The transition to fully virtual events and scientific conferences almost two years ago created myriad challenges. Few teams and organizations were prepared and able to move to a fully remote environment on short notice, particularly during a time of great external stress and tragedy due to the pandemic.

The future of events

There’s no denying that 2020 threw a massive curveball at the events industry, nearly all in-person events were cancelled almost overnight. Within weeks, the virtual event format took off as associations and organizations fought to continue with their programs in any way possible. As we move into a post-vaccination, post-pandemic world, what is the future for conferences and event management? Let’s explore.

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