Press Release: American Society of Anesthesiologists switches fully to ePosters

American Society of Anesthesiologists Discontinues Paper Posters at 2013 Annual Meeting – All Posters Will Be Submitted, Displayed, and Published Using the ePostersLive Suite of Products

CHICAGO, May 23, 2013 / PRNewswire – Following the successful partial transition to electronic posters at their 2012 annual meeting, the American Society of Anesthesiologists has announced that all posters for the 2013 meeting in San Francisco, Oct. 12-16, will be electronic. ePostersLive, an environmentally friendly, end-to-end poster management software solution, continues as ASA’s ePoster provider.

Because of the size of their poster program, ASA determined that a partial transition to electronic posters made the most sense for their 2012 annual meeting. 400 posters were presented electronically on site, with the remaining 1400 presented on paper in the traditional way. Based on the 2012 experience, the organizing committee and staff determined that all 1800+ posters at the 2013 meeting would be electronic. This includes the submission process, on-site display and presentations, and archiving of the posters online following the meeting.

The ePostersLive management and advisory staff include authors and poster presenters at medical and scientific meetings around the globe. The team focuses on designing and creating well-thought-out software solutions from the poster presenters’ perspective, and is constantly updating, improving, and refining the various parts of the product.. A robust infrastructure supports staff and authors throughout the process. In addition to ASA, ePosterLive is used at 50+ other medical and scientific meetings worldwide.

To learn more about ePostersLive, or to schedule a free GoToMeeting demo, contact Mary Beth Rebedeau at 708.361.6000, email mbr(at)scigentech(dot)com, or visit


Photos of ePostersLive™ in use in ANESTHESIOLOGY™ 2012 and other Scientific Meetings around the world.