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ePostersLive® is tailored to the size of your poster program. And it’s so flexible that it's perfectly suitable to every conference, regardless of needs, goals and budget.

We have pricing models and options to suit any type of event - on-site, hybrid, or fully virtual - with any volume of posters.

Do you have multiple events a year? You could make things even more cost effective by moving more of your events over to ePostersLive! Don’t forget to ask us about multi-event options and subscription pricings.

Contact us

Feel free to share information about your poster program, special needs or goals, or even budget or venue-specific constraints with us, and we will come up with a proposal tailored to your needs. Ask us for a free quote now.

Hardware selection of your choice

ePostersLive is designed to work with any modern computer and screen that you can rent from your preferred AV vendor.

And if you are unsure about the hardware selection, we will happily provide hardware selection recommendations and best practices.

Reach out to us and ask for a Free Live Demo

If you are not sure about what would work best for you or would like to discuss the various options, please contact us for a free Live call and demo.

We are expanding. Here's how you could become a representative.

SciGen® Technologies is expanding its international presence. If you would like to explore the possibility of becoming our reseller or representative in your region, please contact us at [email protected].