For the Poster Author

  • Poster creation and submission becomes easier than ever and takes just a few seconds to minutes.
  • No need for the author to print, carry and pin their poster on conventional boards in the conference hall.
  • Every author’s poster is searchable on-site and (optionally) online before and after the event by their last name, affiliation, poster title and keywords.

submission within seconds

for the organizing committee

For the Organizing Committee and Attendees

  • VIRTUAL - NEW Integrates perfectly with Virtual Event Platforms.
  • The conference gets a state-of-the-art feeling and there’s an overall improvement in the quality of presented posters.
  • Poster judging and evaluation sessions get to a whole new level, with unparalleled options and flexibility.
  • Access to ePosters from all kinds of devices, any time, and high-level of satisfaction for all attendees.

For the Scientific Community

  • VIRTUAL - NEW Options to email the poster author or leave comments.
  • All scientific information published in a poster session is preserved on the Internet.
  • Conference posters become a point of reference in the scientific literature.

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benefits for the scientific community

for the meeting manager

For the Meeting Manager

  • VIRTUAL - NEW Help make the transition to a Virtual Conference easier.
  • No extra effort for your staff. Since ePostersLive® is as much software as it is a service where our team takes care of all necessary technical processes.
  • An unparalleled revenue-generating design that helps finance and turn the poster sessions of your Meeting from a liability into an asset.


For the Environment

  • With ePostersLive, a conference becomes environmentally friendly. Both the monetary cost and the environmental burden associated with printing, carrying in tubes and hanging tens, hundreds or even thousands of posters is avoided.

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