Frequently Asked Questions

A quick introduction to ePostersLive® through the five most Frequently Asked Questions.


What exactly is ePostersLive?

ePostersLive is an end-to-end solution for ePosters with 3-things-in-1: software, services and cloud infrastructure that gives your poster program a taste of the future.

ePostersLive includes a number of features and benefits for all those involved in a scientific poster program, from the authors, to the meeting management staff, to the Scientific Committee, to the greater Scientific community, and the sponsors.


Who is ePostersLive for?

All scientific Conferences and Congresses, both small and large, regardless of their poster program size. Those 150+ Conferences and Congresses already using it can’t be wrong.


Is introducing ePostersLive to a conference complicated?

Introducing ePostersLive in your poster program is easy. Our process takes care of all the technicalities, while you focus on what’s important to you; policy, timelines, high level management.

Process-wise, ePostersLive even integrates with your abstract management system, providing your poster submitting authors a quick and smooth, poster submission experience.

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Is ePostersLive expensive?

Not at all. It comes in more than one packages and options, so you can pick what suits your budget best.

And if you decide to use the built-in financial options, it’s actually self-financed or even profitable for your event. A growing number of events around the world, use the built-in options in ePostersLive to fully cover the costs of their poster program.

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What sort of hardware do I need to run ePostersLive?

ePostersLive is compatible with any kind of modern screen, computer or mobile device, so you can pick what suits you—or your budget.